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Professional Foot Health Treatments

Foot Health Professionals (FHP) are able to provide routine foot care and maintenance for your feet, are able to assess the condition of the feet and treat as appropriate, this may include referring to a different medical professional or creating custom footwear to improve your foot health.

Here at Wisteria Lane we have two qualified Foot Health Professionals who can offer private foot care, assessments and diagnoses.


Our services include but are not limited to;

Corns, Hard Skin and Callus Removal – £45
(Removal of callused skin and corn(s) using a scalpel blade.)

Toenail Trimming-£18
(Trim of regular nails.)

Fungal, Rams Horn and Thickened Toenails- £50
Specialist removal and thining of nails that are too difficult to do yourself.)

Verruca Treatment- £30
(Application of silver nitrate or freeze treatment.)

Toenail Reconstruction-£15
(Reconstruction of missing/cracked nail using hard gel application.)

Diabetic Foot care- £50

Ingrown Toenail Treatments-£32
(Non-invasive treatment of ingrown toenail to clear and clean the area and provide pain relief.)

Custom Toe Separators- £12 each
(We create a custom toe separator using Otoform, used to relieve pressure that causes recurring corns or calluses.)

For further details and prices refer to our contact page or call 01225 337912. 

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Client testimonials

Wisteria Lane is my new favourite! Lucy did the most amazing job on my nails today, she went above and beyond my expectations, they're absolutely beautiful! I went in with a photo and a vague idea and the outcome was superb. Amazing service!!!