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Mesotherapy Skin Rejuvenation is a revolutionary, gentle and effective skin needling treatment that delivers incredible results!

Also known as Meso ME, Meso Vytal and Meso Revitalise, Mesotherapy is an innovative digital skin needling treatment that enhances the appearance of the skin on the outside, whilst active substances are working hard below the surface topromote collagen and elastin in the skin to give a glowing, smoother and healthier complexion!  It makes incredible visible differences to skin damage such as wrinkles, fine lines, dehydration and sagging using a needling technique in conjunction with a choice of serums.

☑️ Helps prevent wrinkles
☑️ Reduces fine lines, wrinkles & dryness
☑️ Improves spot-prone skin
☑️ Improves the appearance of small scars
☑️ Rejuvenates the skin for a more youthful, healthy appearance
 Results in a glowing, smoother and healthier complexion

Benefits of Mesotherapy Skin Rejuvenation:
• Instant visual results
• Gentle and precise
• Risk free
• No injectables used
• Minimal downtime (less than 2 hours)
• Refreshes and rejuvenates
• Minimal trauma – maximal effect

Any area of the skin can be treated, but the most popular areas for treatment include:
– The face, throat, décolleté (chest area) and back of the hands.

The treatment process:
• Your treatment begins with a mild 5% AHA peel
• Once your skin is prepared and assessed, the selected serums are applied and gently infused into the skin – the treatment itself takes around 20-30 minutes
• Aftercare products are applied

A course of 6 sessions is initially recommended, the first 4 sessions taken weekly, then monthly to maintain the results.

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Wisteria Lane is my new favourite! Lucy did the most amazing job on my nails today, she went above and beyond my expectations, they're absolutely beautiful! I went in with a photo and a vague idea and the outcome was superb. Amazing service!!!