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Eyelash Services

Lash Extensions

Our Lash Extensions are created for clients using Lashbase products. Lashbase were the winner of the Best Lash Brand Award at the National Beauty Awards 2018.

Our Lash Technicians Offer 4 Different styles of Lashes.

Classic Style – A more subtle and natural look, created by adding one lash to a natural lash hair at a time. This adds the effect of beautiful length and curl. (1hr 30 min Treatment)

Hybrid – Created using 50/50 classic lashes and Volume lashes. (2 hr treatment)

Wispy Hybrids – A technique used to enhance the eyes using various lengths and curls . This look is perfect for an airy yet dramatic look. (2hr treatment)

Russian Style –  Russian Style lashes are created adding up to 5 false lashes to each natural lash. They are very voluminous and create dramatic looking eyes. (2hr  Treatment)

*Patch testing is required at least 24 hrs prior to appointment for eyelash extensions.*

Lash Lift

Throw away the mascara and lash curlers!

Our Lash Lift treatment will enhance and emphasise your eyes, whilst creating the illusion of length and volume that lasts for up to 6-8 weeks.

Lashes are simply lifted onto a silicone pad by lifting them from the root and setting them, before applying tint to enhance the colour and make sure every lash is now visible.

Lash lifts are low maintenance in aftercare also, allowing you to have beautiful looking lashes with little worries.

*Patch testing is required at least 24 hrs prior to appointment for tints and lash lifts.*


LVL Lashlift with Tint – £47

Eyelash Tint – £17

Classic Lash Extensions – £55 / Infill –  £40

Hybrid Lash Extensions – £65 / Infill – £55

Wispy Hybrid – £65 / Infill – £65

Russian Lash Extensions – £85 / Infill – £65

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Client testimonials

Wisteria Lane is my new favourite! Lucy did the most amazing job on my nails today, she went above and beyond my expectations, they're absolutely beautiful! I went in with a photo and a vague idea and the outcome was superb. Amazing service!!!