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Men’s intimate waxing Price List

The Abbey
Penis, scrotum, crack and butt cheeks (Most Popular) £51
(more commonly known as a Male Brazilian wax)
Includes the butt crack, penis and scrotum. The pubic mound remains and can be trimmed if required.

The Abbey includes the butt cheeks, if required. This is often known as a male Brazilian wax or a sack and crack wax and is the most popular male intimate wax treatment.

For your comfort, non-strip wax will only be used for this. 45mins-1hour


The Royal CrescentPenis, scrotum, butt cheeks, crack and pubic triangle removed £54
(more commonly known as a Male Hollywood)
The Royal Crescent includes everything front and back (Butt cheeks, butt crack, penis, scrotum and pubic mound).

For your comfort, non-strip wax is used for this treatment bar the butt cheeks where strip wax will be used. 45mins-1hour


Sydney GardensPenis, sack and crack waxing £44
(does not include butt cheeks or the pubic mound)

The classic sack and crack wax. Only includes the butt crack, scrotum and penis. Does not include the butt or cheeks or the pubic mound. 45mins

Great Pulteney – Penis, scrotum and pubic triangle removed or trimmed £44
(Nothing removed from the back)
This includes the front section only (No Butt). Penis, scrotum and pubic mound. The pubic mound can be waxed or trimmed. Often known as a groin wax.

For your comfort, only non-strip wax will be used. 45mins

Parade Gardens
 – Penis, scrotum, butt cheeks, crack, back & shoulders £69-£74
(more commonly known as a BSC: back, sack and crack wax)
Includes a back and shoulder wax, butt crack, butt cheeks, penis, scrotum and pubic mounds can be waxed or trimmed.

For your comfort the intimate areas are waxed with non-strip methods. 1hour -1hour 30mins

The Circus
 – Penis, scrotum, butt cheeks, crack full chest and abs £69-£74
Includes a chest and abs wax, butt crack, butt cheeks, penis, scrotum and the pubic mound can be waxed or trimmed. Often known as a CSC wax.

For your comfort, non-strip wax methods are used for the intimate areas and parts of the upper chest wax. 1hour-1hour 30mins

Trim Street
 – Male butt cheeks, crack and full back wax £44
Includes the back and shoulders, butt cheeks and the butt crack. Often know as back sack and butt wax.

For your comfort, non-strip wax is used for the butt and strip wax methods are used for the back area. 45mins

Royal Victoria
 – Male crack wax only £24
Just the crack wax.

For your comfort non-strip wax only is used. 20mins

Prior Park
 – Male pubic triangle only £29
Just the pubic mound. Non-strip wax only is used 30mins

All these treatments are done with strip wax. Hot wax on request, however, there may be a price difference for this.

Men’s waxing treatments

½ leg – £21
Full Leg – £30
Under Arm – £17
Brows – £12-£17
Back – £27
Chest Upper – £17
Abs – £17
Chest and Abs – £29
½ Arm wax (upper) – £12
Neck wax – £12
Shoulder wax – £17

*For intimate waxing please ensure area is clean.
*Salon discretion assured.
*Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.
*No happy endings, so don’t ask.



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