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Thinking you’re too young for Botox?

I would say as far as procedures go you should start considering using Botox in your mid to late 30’s.

This would usually be to correct and soften wrinkles that have already begun to appear over the last few years. In terms of prevention, it is never too early to begin cosmetic procedures and treatment.

However, I personally would be happy to offer Botox procedures for people younger than 21 and for those who have noticed the beginnings of ageing – for example, if you feel like you frown heavily . Even at 21, this frown can be deep and be aesthetically displeasing.

So at what point should you start? Although treatment such as facials and sunscreen for preventing wrinkles can never begin too soon, you need to wait until you actually have some form of signs of lines/wrinkles before bringing out the big guns. If you have no lines, you are too young. I feel that there is no “right age” to start considering Botox as it is based more on a patient’s biological age rather than their chronological age.

‘For example there are women in their 20’s with a lot of sun damage who are showing signs of aging who might be a candidate for it, when at the same time there are women in their 40’s who do not have fine lines or wrinkles yet. It’s definately possible to have too much Botox, for instance if you use too much you can create a very unnatural look and you can also create a heavy brow effect if you over-Botox the forehead.

However if administered by not only a competent medical practitioner but someone who listens well and has an artistic eye, then it’s possible to create an undetectable look. I’m happy to offer free consultations to anyone that is considering what Botox may be able to help them with.

Naomi Silva Costa, Saatchi

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