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Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent Makeup is a great option for those clients who have limited time, those who like to wear makeup but struggle with application or anyone who simply wants to look their best when they wake up in the morning!

At Wisteria Lane, our experienced and skilled Technician Annemarie is qualified in a range Semi-Permanent Makeup Techniques.

She offers Microblading for Eyebrows, using the PhiBrows technique.
Micropigmentation techniques including Hair Stroke Brows, Powdered Brows or Combination Brows.
Annemarie is also qualified in Semi-permanent Eyeliner and Lip Services.

We offer Free Consultation’s before Treatment for you to Chat with Annemarie and discuss the desired look you would like for your Semi-Permanent makeup, the details of the treatment, ask any questions you may have and receive your Patch Test.

For further details or to book a consultation refer to our contact page or call 01225 337912. 

Annemarie’s website is also accessible via the link for more information on the individual treatments listed below.


Microblading with Phibrows Technique
First Procedure – £170        Top Up – £120

Micropigmentation, Hair Stroke Technique
First Procedure – £170        Top Up – £120

Micropigmentation, Powedered Brows Technique
First Procedure – £170        Top Up – £120

Micropigmentation, Combination Technique
First Procedure – £180        Top Up – £120


Natural Lip Contour Definer & Lip Blush Shading
First Procedure – £150         Top Up – £100

Natural Lip Contour Definer & Full Lip Tint
First Procedure – £175         Top Up – £125


Lash-liner (Discreet definer upper or lower lash line)
First Procedure – £99          Top Up – £80

Lash-liner (Discreet definer upper and lower lash line)
First Procedure – £120        Top Up – £90

Single Eyeliner
First Procedure – £120        Top Up – £100

Double Eyeliner
First Procedure – £130        Top Up – £100

Thick Eyeliner (Upper or Lower Lash Line )
First Procedure – £140        Top Up – £100

Thick Eyeliner (Upper and Lower Lash Line)
First Procedure – £160        Top Up – £100

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Client testimonials

Wisteria Lane is my new favourite! Lucy did the most amazing job on my nails today, she went above and beyond my expectations, they're absolutely beautiful! I went in with a photo and a vague idea and the outcome was superb. Amazing service!!!